Whoa, We’re Halfway There! These Are the 10 Most Viewed Homes of 2022—So Far

Peek Inside the 10 Most Viewed Homes of the Year, So Far


What makes a home’s listing suddenly go viral?

There are some homeowners who go all out when designing their residences, leaving nothing to the imagination. Luckily when these places come on the market, we get to peek inside. From over-the-top amenities, to celeb-owned estates, and majestic mansions, these clicky listings quickly become the most shared on social media.

So now that we’re at the halfway point of 2022, we thought we’d take a look back at what listings grabbed the most views so far.

Topping off our list as the most viewed home of the year on Realtor.com® is “The One,” the largest residence in L.A. This 105,000-square-foot megamansion in Bel-Air went up for auction earlier this year for a jaw-dropping list price of $295 million.

You also clicked on NASCAR champ Tony Stewart‘s Indiana log cabin, Mark Wahlberg‘s sprawling California mansion, and Aaron Spelling‘s former Beverly Hills estate known as “The Manor.”

For a full look at the 10 most viewed homes of the year so far, simply scroll on down.

10. 10285 W Youth Camp Rd, Columbus, IN

Price: $30,000,000
Why it’s here: 
This is NASCAR champion Tony Stewart‘s custom-built Hidden Hollow Ranch.

The sprawling 20,000-square-foot home was constructed from lodgepole pine from the Northern Rockies and features an indoor two-story waterfall. The property’s 415 acres are filled with deer, turkey, and elk, as well as a 9-acre stocked lake.

The six-bedroom home includes a bowling alley, game area, golf simulator room, and lighted onyx bar. Stewart revved up views when he listed the property in March, and it topped the state’s most expensive listing.

Columbus, IN



9. 71 Beverly Park, Beverly Hills, CA

Price: $87,500,000
Why it’s here:
Behold the megamansion that actor Mark Wahlberg calls home.

This 90210 estate was built for an A-list celeb and sits on 6.2 acres of privacy. The “Boogie Nights” star’s 30,500-square-foot mansion features a two-story paneled library, wine cellar, tennis court, five-hole golf course, skate park, and now, a massive price tag.

Beverly Hills, CA



8. 732 Gloucester Rd, Saluda, VA

Price: Off market
Why it’s here:
We salute the former home of legendary U.S. Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty” Puller.

The three-bedroom abode is where the most decorated Marine in U.S. history retired in 1955 after nearly four decades of service. The only recipient of five Navy Cross military decorations was said to have enjoyed writing his books on the porch overlooking the 3.37-acre lot. The home came on the market in May for $415,000, but has since been removed.

Saluda, VA



7. 10066 Cielo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Price: $69,995,000
Why it’s here: 
Known as the Cielo Estate, this 21,000-square-foot, jaw-dropping estate is being sold by “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin.

This nine-bedroom mansion on 3.6 acres has an Andalusian aesthetic and is outfitted with all of the luxury amenities you would expect. There is a spa, gym, hair salon, billiard room, bar, and, of course, a home theater.

The outdoor space makes this full house a resortlike spread with its 75-yard pool with three waterfalls and two spas. Initially on the market for $85 million at the beginning of the year, the estate’s price has dropped to its current ask. In June, the property also was available for rent at $250,000.

Beverly Hills, CA



6. 5780 Figsboro Rd, Martinsville, VA

Price: Just sold for $201,000
Why it’s here: 
This five-bedroom farmhouse on nearly 12 acres had been available for an astonishingly low price. Listed for $179,000, the place was sold for more than the asking price, but it’s still an amazing deal!

Many details from the house’s original construction in 1920 remain—from the restored hardwood floors to the exposed beams and built-ins for extra storage.

Martinsville, VA



5. 594 S Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $165,000,000
Why it’s here: 
The megamansion known as “The Manor” was built by TV impresario Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling.

This is the ginormous home where Tori Spelling grew up. The 56,500-square-foot spread in Holmby Hills features everything from a bowling alley and beauty salon to a legendary library and professional screening room. The property was previously sold in 2019 for $119.75 million, a record at the time. Now, just two years later, the massive mansion on 4.6 acres seeks a new billionaire buyer.

Los Angeles, CA



4. 117 N Brandon Ave, Celina, OH

Price: $275,000
Why it’s here: 
This octagonal party pad comes complete with an indoor pool and jail cells.

The enormous 6,467-square-foot home features four en suite bedrooms, two kitchens, a game room, and a bar. Rumor has it a doctor and his wife built this property next to their home and used it as a place to party. Legend also has it that bank robber John Dillinger was held in the very cells that the homeowner purchased and installed in the house. Needless to say, the odd amenity generated tons of attention on the web.

Celina, OH



3. 1 Bald Eagle Is, White Bear Township, MN

Price: $6,600,000
Why it’s here: 
Sitting in the middle of Bald Eagle Lake is a 2.33-acre private island with a nearly 10,000-square-foot home.

Built in 1985, this five-bedroom retreat offers spectacular water views from multiple decks. There’s also a garage bar, a league-size racquetball court, a whole-house audio system, and a professional home theater with a starry ceiling. The island abode is accessible only by boat in the summer and over ice in the winter.

White Bear Township, MN



2. 905 Shoreland Dr SE, Bellevue, WA

Price: $28,000,000
Why it’s here: 
This is former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson‘s breathtaking lakefront manse and treehouse, which he shares with his wife, singer Ciara, and family.

The 11,104-square-foot compound was built in 2007 and features everything from a professional gym and yoga studio to a sport court and cinema. This six-bedroom home also has a private treehouse out back to escape and take in the views of Lake Washington. It came on the market for $36 million in April, but the price has since dropped.

The NFL pro purchased the place in 2015 for $6.7 million. Wilson and his family are leaving this home after his recent trade to the Denver Broncos.

Bellevue, WA



1. 944 Airole Way, Los Angeles, CA

Price: Just sold for $141,000,000
Why it’s here: 
Known as “The One,” this gargantuan home of 105,000 square feet went up for auction over the winter.

With majestic views of the Pacific Ocean, this sprawling mansion took 10 years to complete. One of the largest homes in the U.S., the ultraluxe place boasts 21 bedrooms and 49 bathrooms. There are five pools on the property, along with a nightclub, salon, and spa. There’s also a sky deck and and a private outdoor running track. The behemoth also serves as the backdrop to the Apple TV+ show “Loot,” starring Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph.

Los Angeles, CA


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Exclusive: Can You Guess the No. 1 Request on Netflix’s New Show ‘How To Build a Sex Room’?


Netflix’s upcoming series “How To Build a Sex Room” doesn’t require viewers to guess about its subject matter. It’s all there in the title!

Throughout the years, we’ve seen more homeowners construct dedicated “intimacy rooms”—like sex rooms or BDSM basements—inside their homes, but this is the first time this trend has been packaged in the form of a renovation reality show.

So we jumped at the chance to sit down with luxury interior designer and series host Melanie Rose, aka the “Mary Poppins” of sex rooms, to learn more about her racy new show and the work she does. It turns out, there’s a lot more to her job than simply working whips and chains into home decor.

Melanie Rose, the host of “How To Build a Sex Room” on Netflix


Let’s cut to the chase: What exactly is the kind of home improvement you specialize in for homeowners?

As an interior designer for homeowners, I actually design sex rooms.

How did that become your specialty?

I didn’t start out designing sex rooms. I was an average interior designer for 15 years or so. You know, kitchens, bathrooms, anything that needed remodeling.

And then I was approached by a client of mine—who I’d worked with for four or five years—who actually asked if I’d ever designed a sex room before. And I was like, no! I hadn’t thought about a sex room. You kidding me?!

So before committing, I researched this in Google. And it couldn’t find anybody that was actually a designated sex room designer.

And so what I did was I just looked at those types of rooms in general. And they were all dungeons and dirty. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ That’s why people can’t get that image out of their mind.

The concept is very off-putting to some people.

Yes, it can be. People are like, ‘Oh, it’s got to do with kink, it’s got to do with BDSM, it’s so dirty, it’s disgusting.’ And I’m like, ‘No, it doesn’t have to be dirty. It can be really beautiful. It can be luxurious. It can be high-end. So that’s how I sort of, like, fell into that.

And then from there, I found more and more clients through word of mouth.

You have a lot of frank conversations with your clients about their sex lives. Did you always have a knack for those intimate chats?

It just came naturally. You know, ‘subtle’ is not in my vocabulary and, really, neither is ‘no.’ I love working with people, and when they can be open, it makes it easier to help them and demystify talking about sex and sex rooms.

how to build a sex room
A sex room designed by Melanie Rose in Episode 3 of “How To Build a Sex Room”.


If someone wants to design a sex room or space for intimacy in their home, what’s one of the first things you’d tell them?

First of all, don’t go in there and start changing out wallpapers and painting and stuff. Plan it out. Yes, the sole purpose of the room is sex, but it can also be a fantasy room. What kind of fantasy do you want to express in there? What do you want to feel and experience when you step into that room? What arouses you, right? And then go from there.

Lighting is one of the keys. It sets a mood and an ambiance. It’s good to have dimmers and those lights that do the color spectrum.

On the show, you work with your general contractor, Mike. What did he think when Netflix approached him about doing this type of construction?

He was all in for it! It’s not the regular construction, you know—not like building out a kitchen or a bathroom. So there are a lot of different and interesting elements that are going into that room. And there are construction challenges. For example, don’t try to put a sex swing in the ceiling without putting it in a ceiling joist. It’s never going to work.

What is the most requested things in sex rooms that you design?

Sex swings. So boring. I need to work on finding a really beautiful sex swing that I can customize for a client. I like people to bring me fantasies and experiences that challenge me. I always love a challenge.

“How To Build a Sex Room” premieres on Netflix on Friday.

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I’m the Director of Forecasting for the National Association of Realtors. Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About the Housing Market Now

Mortgage rates are rising, as are home prices. Here’s what buyers and sellers should know now, according to Nadia Evangelou.

Realtor.com / National Association of Realtors

The housing affordability crunch is here—with mortgage rates continuing to rise (see the lowest rates you can qualify for here) at the same time that housing prices do. So—as part of our series where we ask prominent economists and real estate pros their take on the housing market now—we talked to Nadia Evangelou. She’s the senior economist and director of forecasting at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and focuses on regional and local market trends, including the effects of changing demographic and migration patterns. She also specializes in research and analysis on local housing affordability conditions and solutions to increase housing inventory. Here are her thoughts on the housing market now.

The outlook is for mortgage rates to rise even further

Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed loans hit roughly 6% in June, up from a little over 3% a year ago, according to Bankrate data. The upward climb will continue, says Evangelou, just not at that same rapid pace: “I don’t expect to see the same sharp increases that the market experienced in March and April. It seems that mortgage rates have already priced in some of the effects of the upcoming Fed’s rate hikes,” says Evangelou.

Some buyers may want to consider an ARM

Given the current market, Evangelou says some buyers should consider taking an adjustable-rate mortgage instead of a fixed-rate mortgage. “If they plan to sell or refinance in the next 5 years, a 5/1-year ARM may make more sense because the rate on these is still below 4.5%. Thus, for a median-priced home, the monthly mortgage payment is about $300 lower than the payment for a 30-year mortgage,” says Evangelou. You can see the lowest mortgage rates you can qualify for here.

There are signs that the market is cooling

Both rising mortgage rates and home prices hurt affordability for many buyers. “As a result, existing home sales have dropped for the last four months. I expect a larger reduction of the home sales activity in the following months, especially after summer months,” says Evangelou.
And buyers are getting priced out of the market. Still, not all home buyers can afford to buy these additional homes. According to Evangelou, buyers earning $75,000 can afford about 25,000 fewer listings now compared to January.

Institutional buyers may increase competition for first-time buyers

With rising mortgage rates hurting affordability, more people are renting and due to low inventory, rents are rising sharply. “For institutional buyers, this translates to larger profits. However, a larger market presence of institutional buyers increases market competition for first-time home buyers. Research has shown that institutional investors may be taking a significant portion of homes that would otherwise be sold to first-time and lower-income buyers,” says Evanagelou.

Home prices will continue to rise but at a slower pace

“Due to a housing shortage, home prices won’t drop in 2022. Remember that when there is a housing shortage, home prices don’t fall, in fact, home prices rose about 15% in May, although mortgage rates were about two percentage points higher than a year earlier,” says Evangelou.

Inventory is rising

There are about 20,000 more homes available for sale for buyers earning $200,000. “While it’s promising to see more homes available in the market, more entry-level homes are needed,” says Evangelou.

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Forget the American Dream of a Single-Family Home: These Alternatives Appreciate Faster and Can Cost Less

Home Alternatives Appreciate Faster and Can Cost Way Less

Getty Images

For generations, the American dream of a single-family home—the kind of free-standing place with a bedroom for each of the kids, flowers planted out front, and the family dog running around in the backyard as the grill gets fired up—has persisted. Even after decades of societal and economic shifts, a housing crash in the 2000s, and now record-high prices and a supply shortage, the dream has endured. It’s what most Americans imagine when they think “house.”

It’s a given that every generation aspires to one day own a home of their own, ideally not connected to the one next door. But that aspiration turned into something more like a fever dream during the COVID-19 pandemic, as folks across the nation went on a frantic search for single-family homes—and the additional square footage and social distance they can bring. The surge, of course, caused frenzied bidding wars, skyrocketing prices, eye-popping offers over asking price, and bone-dry inventory levels. All of this pushed the dream of owning a single-family home out of reach for many would-be buyers.

But wait! Instead of giving up, more and more buyers are delving into the many alternatives to single-family homes. These abodes have different rules, different economics, different vibes. And that’s why the Realtor.com® data team dove into the different types of housing for sale across the nation to find the pros—and the cons—of each.

“If single-family homes are feeling out of reach, there are alternatives,” says Hannah Jones, an economic data analyst at Realtor.com. “Other home types, such as condos and mobile homes, could offer another good opportunity for homeownership that’s more within budget.”

“When you own a home, no matter what type that is, you’re able to build up equity, which increases your wealth,” says Realtor.com Chief Economist Danielle Hale. “If these other types of homes—which are generally more affordable than single-family homes—can help you get your foot in the door and start the process of building wealth for yourself, then they’re worth considering.”

Here’s one surprise: While single-family homes might be on the top of many buyers’ wish lists, they don’t appreciate as much as mobile homes. The average house was worth 13.3% more in April than just a year ago. Meanwhile, the value of mobile homes shot up 30.4% over the same period. Condos and townhomes saw 20.8% appreciation.

And single-family homes don’t have nearly the same level of income-generating potential as multifamily homes, where owners can live in one unit and rent out the other ones. (Multifamily homes are buildings or complexes with two or more units.)

Our analysis was based on Realtor.com national and metropolitan area data from April. (The data tracked only the 100 largest metros, made up of the main city and surrounding towns, suburbs, and smaller urban areas.) Single-family homes do make up the lion’s share of properties on the market, representing about 77% of the residences for sale in April. But we found plenty of surprising information about the alternatives.

So how do different types of housing stack up? Let’s check ’em out.

Condos and townhomes cost more than single-family homes

Condos and townhomes cost more than single-family homes.


Long touted as a cheaper alternative to single-family homes, condos, co-ops, and townhomes actually have a higher median price tag nationally—albeit with some big caveats. Last year, buyers spent 23% more on average for condos compared with single-family homes.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t inexpensive units out there that allow cash-strapped, first-time buyers to take the leap into homeownership. Condos and townhomes were more affordable than single-family homes in 72.5% of U.S. counties in 2021, helping more buyers climb onto the property-owning ladder, according to Realtor.com.

So why the higher national prices?

It’s all about where condos are generally located. Condos tend to be in downtown city centers and resort communities—like those gleaming, luxury towers that went up along the shoreline of Miami Beach and in the heart of busy Manhattan or those snow-tipped, condo lodges in Aspen, CO. This just happens to be some of the most expensive real estate around. About 84% of condos were for sale in just 6% of counties.

That’s compared with single-family homes, which tend to be concentrated on the edges of cities and in the suburbs and small towns where land is often less expensive.

There are a few downsides to living in condos and townhomes that would-be buyers need to factor in. Owners may have to share walls with their neighbors, and hear every move the people upstairs (or to the side) make. These homes often don’t come with dedicated outdoor spaces, although lucky buyers might score a patio, terrace, or even rooftop space. And owners likely have to pay monthly maintenance charges to their condo, co-op, or homeowners association, which can rise if the elevator needs to be replaced or the basement floods.

Locally, condos tend to appreciate less than nearby single-family homes within the same county. However, nationally the value of these properties is rising at an impressive clip.

Mobile and manufactured homes appreciate the most

Mobile and manufactured homes appreciate the most.


Detractors can say what they want about mobile homes. Yes, these abodes tend to be the subject of jokes, or even derision in some corners. But here’s the deal: Owners might be too busy laughing all the way to the bank to care.

Mobile and manufactured homes experienced the highest appreciation of any category of housing we tracked. Their values shot up 30.4% in April—compared with just one year earlier. Oh yeah, they also cost about a third as much as a single-family home.

“It is a really good option for families looking for an affordable housing option and seniors who are looking to bring down their living costs,” says Dave Anderson, executive director of the National Manufactured Homeowners Association, an association representing buyers and renters of mobile and manufactured homes.

The challenge for buyers: Many may own mobile homes, but not the land their homes sit on. And mobile homes, despite their name, generally aren’t all that mobile without causing damage to the home. About 95% are never moved from their original site, says Anderson.

“Mobile homes is a total mischaracterization,” says Anderson. Moving is “expensive, and they can be damaged.”

That means if the owner of the property raises their rent, homeowners have little recourse unless they want to sell their mobile homes.

In addition, getting a government-backed loan for a mobile home can be very difficult. Many buyers instead borrow from dealers or the owners of mobile-home communities—and can wind up saddled with higher interest rates than are being offered on single-family homes.

However, since the homes are typically built in a factory, they can often be assembled faster—and go up far more efficiently—than other types of housing. The single level can make it easier for those with mobility issues to navigate as they don’t have to contend with staircases. And many owners live in communities that take care of things like snow plowing, waste removal, and other burdensome maintenance.

Plus, they appreciate so much. (We mentioned that already, right?)

“It’s something that many more people have looked to as an affordable option,” says Anderson.

Multifamily homes have the highest price tags

Multifamily homes have the highest price tags.


The big advantage to purchasing a multifamily home is the potential to rent out some or all of it and make some extra cash. So is being a landlord in your future?

“It’s a great investment. You’re investing in your community, your housing, your neighbors,” says Buffalo, NY–based real estate broker Vinny Rondinelli, owner of an eponymously named real estate firm, and a property management company that works with landlords. “It’s a more fulfilling investment than stocks and bonds.”

Out of the 100 largest metros, the Buffalo area has the highest percentage of multifamily homes for sale on Realtor.com. The city was once a bustling, Rust Belt manufacturing hub that has since fallen on tougher times, leading to lower home prices and more opportunities to subdivide existing homes and turn them into rentals. However, Buffalo has been revitalizing and home prices have been on the rise. Rentals are particularly in demand here.

The bad news for buyers is there is a lot of competition for multifamily housing, particularly from investors who can make all-cash offers. Rondinelli sees a lot of out-of-towners, from Florida, Utah, California, New York, and even others parts of the world, come into the market looking for rental units.

“People want to buy these places and live in them. But it’s very competitive for nice dwellings,” he says. “Anything in good condition is going to get a lot of offers.”

Buyers who can successfully snag a multifamily home have to face some realities: They need to find tenants, and they need to make sure the home is maintained. When stuff breaks, it needs to be fixed!

Bottom line: Being a landlord isn’t always easy, especially as many local laws are more favorable to renters than landlords. It can be tough in some areas to evict tenants who don’t pay their rent and some can do expensive damage to property.

Not up for dealing with these issues directly? The alternative is to pay for a property management company to step in.

However, those who invest wisely might be able to use the rent money they earn to cover their mortgages—and even make a nice profit.

“There’s a [higher] price you have to take into account,” says Rondinelli. “But you can still make decent money.”

Single-family homes sell the fastest

Single-family homes sell the fastest.


Single-family homes are typically larger than condos, most mobile homes, and many townhomes. Homeowners usually own the land under them as well. And homeowners don’t have to be bothered by noisy neighbors living above or below them. They are, in most respects, on their own.

About 82% of home sales are for single-family residences, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors®.

The El Paso, TX, metropolitan area has the highest concentration of single-family homes out of the 100 largest metros—representing 95.8% of all available homes.

“Single-family homes are doing really, really well out here,” says El Paso–based real estate agent Alexander Cordova, of the Luxury Real Estate Group. “Compared to other cities, home prices and the cost of living is a lot less.”

He attributes this to the availability of lower-cost land and the abundance of builders putting up new homes.

Buyers in this market typically gravitate toward four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes with pools on a quarter-acre lot. Those homes generally go for between $325,000 and $350,000.

“New construction is booming out here,” says Cordova. “They’re putting them up very fast, and they’re selling them very fast.”

However, buyers living in other parts of the country without as much land available might have a harder time getting into a single-family home—in some cases, a much harder time. And traditional houses don’t appreciate as much as some other types of homes and typically sell quicker, giving buyers less of an opportunity to make up their minds.

Plus, owners of single-family homes are on the hook for all of their own repairs and maintenance—which can be costly. And for longtime renters, it can be a primal shock to the system.

“Homeownership can be great,” says Hale, of Realtor.com. “It may also come with expenses you just might not expect.”

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Absolutely Adorable ‘Farmette’ in Vermont Is This Week’s Most Popular Home


This week, folks swooned over photos of an adorable farm in the Northeast.

Complete with a red barn, copious curb appeal, and 9 acres of land, this picture-perfect “farmette” in Vermont is this week’s most popular home on Realtor.com®.

Built in 1840, the idyllic country home is extremely photogenic, which made it nearly impossible not to share. Described in the listing as “charismatic,” the rural retreat proved alluring to real estate enthusiasts everywhere.

Topsham, VT
Topsham, VT


In addition to the Vermont country home, you clicked on an affordable Victorian in Texas, the former Southern California ranch of music legend Johnny Cash, and a Florida mansion located inside the “Most Magical Place on Earth”—with a magical home theater to boot.

For a full look at this week’s 10 most popular homes, simply scroll on down.

10. 4708 Lakeshore Dr, Kokomo, IN

Price: $1,890,000
Why it’s here: 
This massive castle in the unlikely locale of Kokomo is surrounded by 165 acres of lakes and woodlands.

The sprawling fortress on a private 4.6-acre peninsula offers nearly 7,000 square feet of living space. It has four bedrooms, custom ceilings, and a 1,000-square-foot chef’s kitchen.

Kokomo, IN


9. 614 W Sears St, Denison, TX

Price: $195,000
Why it’s here: 
This affordable antique offers more than 4,000 square feet of living space.

Built in 1892, this Victorian has many of its original details, but it will need TLC to return it to its full historic beauty. There are five spacious bedrooms and a three-level wood staircase. The windows were recently replaced and work on the foundation still has a limited warranty.

Denison, TX


8. 6500 Solitude Dr, Chattanooga, TN

Price: $16,500,000
Why it’s here: 
Called Château des Rêves, or “House of Dreams,” this massive waterfront mansion offers 20,000 square feet of living space, a deep-water boat slip, and waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico. (This is a long, long river journey—trust us, we mapped it.)

The lush grounds of this 2.5-acre gated property feature running brooks and waterfalls, bronze sculptures, and a pool with a cabana. Inside the mansion, there’s a wine cellar, game room, library, exercise room, spa, and conservatory.

Chattanooga, TN


7. 8736 Nye Rd, Ventura, CA

Price: $1,795,000
Why it’s here: 
The farmhouse on a 6-acre ranch in Southern California was custom-built in 1961 for Johnny Cash and his wife, Vivian. The couple divorced and Vivian sold the property in the early 1970s, but the stylings of the Man in Black remain with the home.

They include the ceilings imbued with glitter, an original wall-mounted turntable and intercom system, and a famous black commode. The wood-paneled studio is where Cash reportedly wrote many of his hit songs.

Ventura, CA


6. 1114 Lake Shore Dr, Michigan City, IN

Price: $3,999,000
Why it’s here: 
Located on Lake Michigan, this six-bedroom home features a wall of windows to take in the water views.

Built in 1990 for entertaining, the 15,342-square-foot residence includes a chef’s kitchen, home theater, wine room, exercise room, and in-ground pool. The lower level features a screened-in porch and numerous balconies and decks to bask in the lakeside ambiance.

Michigan City, IN


5. 2542 Reinhardt College Pkwy, Canton, GA

Price: $649,900
Why it’s here: 
This newly renovated home comes with 3.4 acres, which include a fenced area for goats and chickens.

Built in 1991, the five-bedroom home sits on a level lot where a pool could be installed. Most of the windows have been replaced and a new roof was installed. The newly constructed decks in the front and back are ideal spots to sit and relax.

Canton, GA


4. 2500 Brandt Rd, Annville, PA

Price: $950,000
Why it’s here:
Closer to Hershey than Philadelphia, this 15-acre estate includes a stone farmhouse and several outbuildings. Built in 1775, the historic six-bedroom home offers 3,632 square feet of living space.

Annville, PA


3. 1927 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI

Price: $510,000
Why it’s here: 
This historic 1916 house was taken down to the studs and rebuilt with modern conveniences.

Some historic details remain in the three-bedroom home, including the leaded-glass windows, pocket doors, and hardwood floors. The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are all new or upgraded. A primary suite on the second floor features an arched, walk-in shower.

Grand Rapids, MI


2. 10151 Enchanted Oak Dr, Golden Oak, FL

Price: $14,995,000
Why it’s here: 
This magical Mediterranean palazzo is found inside Walt Disney World Resort.

Located in the Carolwood neighborhood of the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” this seven-bedroom home features a row of Disney-themed, stained-glass windows overlooking a resort-style pool with a rock waterfall. The 10,742-square-foot home also features a replica of the marble fireplace found in the apartment above Cinderella’s castle.

Other luxury amenities include a custom Swarovski chandelier, a kitchen with exotic granite countertops, a game room, and a Millennium Falcon-themed home theater.

Golden Oak, FL
Golden Oak, FL


1. 356 Topsham Corinth Rd, Topsham, VT

Price: $450,000
Why it’s here: 
Like something out of a Hallmark movie, this charming “farmette” in Vermont captivated folks this week.

The photogenic main house is surrounded by 9 acres of lovely meadows, a barn with a heated workshop, an insulated tack room, three fenced paddocks, and a riding ring.

Built in 1840, this colorful three-bedroom home features a number of historic details, including wide-plank flooring, built-ins for storage, and exposed beams. The two-story kitchen has been modernized and now features stainless-steel appliances and plenty of windows to let in natural light.

Topsham, VT


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