We consider the living room for our family room. It has so many functions. We use the same space for relaxation, entertainment, play, eat, and even exercise. That’s why it challenges us to keep it organized and clean. Here are the simple tips in organizing your main gathering space.

Welcome the Wastebasket

Trash tends to accumulate in the family room. Adding a wastebasket might cut down on clutter. Choose a basket that fits your living room’s decoration. Use this in tucking away books, magazines, and other living room items when not in use.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter-free

Keep your flat surfaces clutter-free by adding a two drawer lateral file. If you don’t have the floor space, a stackable file cart will do. Pile the papers in a bin, then sorting and purging as necessary. Ask your family members to put papers in the bin rather than on the coffee table.

Coffee Table Functionality

If you have a coffee table, it’s time to maximize its organizational capacity. Most coffee tables don’t have any storage for magazines, remote controls, or even drink coasters. No need to buy a new one. Just add low storage cubes, rolling baskets or bins to stick under the table.

Find ways to integrate closed storage

Consider a stylish piece of furniture in the living with hidden storage space. Adding like storage ottomans and sofas with seat storage that is great for stashing stuff in a pinch. This will keep your living room organized and clean.

Create a Play Zone

Having a separate area fo your children’s toys will make your living room more pleasing to the eyes. Use the corner of a family room and transform it into a great play area. You can also put a small bookcase or children’s table in the corner.

Grow Your Houseplants

If you are a green thumb, for sure you want to add plants inside your home. However, without proper organization, it can be a jungle in the family room. Organize your plants with a cute plant stand or several decorative pots. Use stands with tiered configurations that can be placed in the corner.

Curb Your Collectible Enthusiasm

Be careful about displaying all your collections in the living room. Too many collectibles can take over valuable storage space in a family room and can be even harder to organize. Cut down your displayed collection in half. Place half of the pieces into an appropriately sized container and storing it in a hall closet.

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