While stuck at home and you are struggling for any activities for your kids, you have to limit their screen time and encourage them with physical activity and creativity. Here are some ideas to help your kids have fun and moving while on a quarantine.

 Hide and Seek

Hide and seek may be an old game, but this still never fails to promote fun activities among your kids. Encourage them to roam around the house to find a perfect spot to hide.

Big Foot Race

This fun activity involves some creativity. Create a big foot out of cardboard that will serve as your kids’ foot. The goal of the game is to reach the endpoint. Whoever reaches the end the fastest wins the game.

Play Basketball

Who doesn’t know the basketball game? For sure your boys would love to know your tricks. Teach them your moves or from your favorite NBA players. Dribbling and passing can also burn calories.

Jump Rope

One fun way to encourage your kids to be active is by playing jumping rope. A great way to burn some extra calories while you and your kids are enjoying it. You can also teach them some tricks to be more fun and creative.


Yoga may not be so strenuous activity but still promotes fitness and burns calories. Go to YouTube and search for great videos created specifically for kids who love Yoga.

Build a Fort

One of the old but sure ways to capture your kid’s attention is by building a fort. Use your kid’s puzzle mat, sheets, blankets, and pillows to build a fort. This will serve as their go-to place whenever they want to play with their toys or read some books.

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