Many places will not be open this halloween as we are all following social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings to stop the spread of the virus.

Here are some ways to prepare an indoor halloween activities for your kids.

Halloween Themed Freeze Dance

Show your kids dance moves in this fun activity. Kids should show their talent in dancing while the music is playing and freeze as soon as the music stops. Anyone still moving while the music stops are out of the game and the last one to remain dancing is the winner.


What you need are apples with stems and strings. Hang the apple using the string and “snap” a bite from it. This is also played using doughnuts but apples are more challenging and healthier.

Catch The Ghost

Give each kid a straw and on your signal let them roam around to catch more ghosts. Use the straw to keep sucking the ghost to make it stick to the end of the straw until they can safely put it in their bowl.

 Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Buy plastic skeletons or you can DIY using some household supplies. Before the game starts hide it anywhere in your yard or inside your house. Kids have to go around the house and hunt them. To add a little challenge, see if they can assemble the bones they gathered into a complete set.

 Wiggle Worm Race

You need two teams for this game so group the kids into two equal teams, have them lined up to form a human worm, and see how long they can keep it all together.

Halloween Feel Box

It’s a fun and easy game to your Halloween party with a lot of excitement about what’s inside the box. An example is if it’s slimy veins (spaghetti) they can answer spaghetti.

Wrap The Mummy

A group should select one kid to be a mummy and give them a toilet paper roll or crepe paper. Each group should wrap the mummy leaving the face uncovered. To avoid mess add a little fun and challenge to “unwrap” the mummy and put the toilet/crepe paper in the trash. The first group to finish wins.

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