With no experience in selling your home, it can be very challenging and time-consuming. It’s easy to make lots of mistakes when it is your first time to sell. You can avoid many of these mistakes and getting the price you want within your time frame.

Not Knowing The Cost Of Selling

If you add all the costs of selling, it may be closer to 10% of the selling price. You can compute using a home sale calculator to know your net proceeds, and to give you an idea of how much you have to spend on your next home.

Not Knowing The Fair Market Value

It refers to how the home is valued and knowing the price you want and the market. You and your buyer have general idea of how much the property is worth based on similar homes sold in your area.

Home Have Major Repairs And Renovations

It can potentially decrease the value of your home. Buyers would require inspections and are expecting the home to be in the best condition based on the description.

Lack of Home Preparations Before Selling

The more appealing the home the faster it would sell. Clean and decorate your home, any clutter can make your home appear smaller and it would be difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in a dirty home.

Not Choosing The Right Agent

Check their experience in selling, their credentials, do a little background checking, and interview past clients. It would help you get the most bang for your buck.

Do Not Limit Private Showing

You have to cooperate with your agent if you want to show your home. This is to ensure that you can accommodate many buyers even if the timing is inconvenient for you.

Your Price Is Too High

You have to consider several factors like the locations, your home’s condition, and the demand in your area or market. When pricing your home, avoid being clouded by your wishful thinking.

Knowing The Best Time of The Year To Sell

A lot of home buyers spruce during the Spring. However, they will be a lot lesser in late fall and winter due to cold weather. List at the right time to have a better chance of selling your home quicker based on your asking price.

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