While we all love getting fresh air and sunshine, sometimes you get stuck inside due to bad weather, school closure, or some other reason. Being stuck inside your home can be hard to keep everyone from being bored and entertained. Staying at home can be lots of fun if you’re armed with the right indoor activities. Here is our list of indoor activities for your kids this Fall.

Leaf Painting

Leaf painting is really fun. First, collect fallen leaves outside the house. Have your kids paint with the leaves turning it into a canvas. Press the leaves to paper to make leaf prints. Paint the leaves with different colors to make a colorful leaf print as well.

Cork Painting

Cork painting is an art. Help your kids explore their talents. Allow them to communicate their feelings through the use of different colors. This also serves as an educational opportunity for them while having fun.

Handprint Trees

Let your kids recreate the natural changing of colors of trees that come with fall. The changing colors of leaves from green to yellow, to orange, tp red, and of course brown. This is the chance for them to experiment and explore different shades of autumn.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Find a white mini pumpkin at the grocery store clean the pumpkin with water or you can paint an orange one with white. Unwrap the top portion of crayons and use glue guns on crayons around the handle of the pumpkin. Let the glue dry completely before applying the heat. Remember, this activity needs adult supervision because of the use of a glue gun and a hairdryer.


It will create a passion for reading for kids at a young age. Stories allow children to learn more about life, about the world, and themselves. It will help them increase their willingness to communicate or express themselves with their feelings.


Young kids love to dance, and dancing can increase their flexibility and motion and improved their physical health. Dancing and music engage their brain to learn new things like the patterns of music, sounds, and words. It is great for the development of their growing brain.

Pirate Play

Kids are always fascinated by pirates and this activity requires only small preparations. Kids who are fascinated with pirates means they love adventure, are very creative and imagination is likely to develop, and by pretending to be a captain of the ship they are potential future leaders.

Watching Movies

Watching movies is a good opportunity to instill good values in them and it lessens their behavioral problems. It can boost their self-confidence and increases trust among family members. Plus it improves their communication skills and encourages them to collaborate with others.

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