The cool breeze and crisp air mean colder weather it’s time to welcome the season and experience more comfy nights. Schedule all the fun fall activities. Take some time to put your DIY skills with different Fall decoration ideas. Use pine cones, leaves, or branches then put them in a glass vase for display. This is the time of the year where staying home is fun. You get to enjoy a warm and cozy vibe with these ideas.

Fall Accents

One way to embrace this season is to put pumpkins all over your home. Incorporate some classical autumn colors like brown, orange, and gray. Decorate your home with some cozy candles and jewel-toned florals.

Natural Vases

Insert some flower stems in squash and gourds. They come in different shapes and colors and easily available as seasonal vases. Just cut a hole big enough to accommodate your flower stems inside your vases.

Use Corn Husk

If you want a rustic feel outside your home, try some corn husks. It’s easy to work with, and it looks cute. They are great for wrapping pillars, making garlands and wreaths, and flanking your door. They also look good with potted flowers and pumpkins.

Fall Leaves Decor

This idea is very affordable and beautiful art to do with your kids. Make some bright colored wreath or hanging spray-painted gold leaves display. You can also make autumn leaf bowls using autumn leaves and branches in your natural vase.

Bottle Display

An amber bottle will cost you less than $5 it is inexpensive and available at Target. Pick up a few stems at your local Hobby Lobby in their fall floral section. Place it in the bottle to achieve the look you wanted to create.

Repurposed Candle Holders

Repurpose your candle holders. This is an inexpensive fall display available almost anywhere from an antique store, malls, and even on a garage sale. Candles bring coziness and warmth to your home when it’s cold outside.

Handmade Fall Banner

There are many places inside your home that you could use to decorate a fall banner. Create handmade fall banner decorations that you can use in combination with a bunch of pumpkins around or with a wreath for the best effect.

Rustic Pumpkin Lights

A rustic look in fall evenings with pumpkin candleholders that lights up your home. The first thing to do is carve a small hole enough to hold a candle on top of the miniature pumpkin. Then display it in a jar holder.

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