Halloween is right around the corner and there are so many things to get excited about it. Trick-or-treat this year feels different because of the pandemic. But we can still celebrate it with our kids and have fun with candies and costumes, while we practice social distancing and be safe, here are some delightful ideas.

Trick-or-treat At Home

Play Halloween music, decorate, and put some buckets of candies in every room. Instead of going from one house to another kids go to every room in your house to trick-or-treat.

Pumpkin Carving And Decorating

This can be done while practicing social distancing, a fun activity for the entire family, you just need to bring all the pumpkins at home and start the decorating contest with your kids.

Make Some Halloween Treats

Instead of candies let bake your kids with Halloween-themed cake, cookies, or any treat recipes.

Candy Hide-and-seek

Let the kids find the individually wrapped candies inside your house or your yard, with clues to where the candies are hidden like when you play a scavenger hunt.

Mask Costume Contest

Ask your kids to design their own face mask to see who’s the most inventive and creative. It will help them learn the value of hard work and to develop their self-esteem.

Decorate Your Front Door

It’s easy, inexpensive and surely kids will enjoy helping you decorate your front door to make it look a little bit frightening, fun, and festive.

Twilight Hunt

Hide all the treasure inside the house or at your yard at sundown and ask your kids to search it using their flashlight.

Create Your Own Scarecrow

A simple scarecrow is easy to build and great for frightening unwanted critters from your yard, it will also add some festive decor this Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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