Buying a house right now during a pandemic might sound like a bad idea, but there are a lot of ways to limit physical contact is going to open houses or tours. With a few steps using a digital tool, you can look online for listings, narrow down your list by getting through each photo, and check all the house details. Here’s a home buying process you can follow to protect yourself and your family.

Hunt Online

Look at listings on websites, ask your real estate agent for a virtual tour of the house, and ask questions about the property. This can be done without physically going to open houses or tours.

Find An Experienced Remote Estate Agent

Make sure that you find the right agent with remote sales experience. Ask for their availability and don’t forget to request references. The agent will help you handle the entire home-buying process.

Home Search

Ask guidance from an experienced real estate agent especially during this time that you can’t drive around to look for a house for sale in the neighborhood. Sellers might not allow buyers into their homes due to government restrictions being imposed to avoid the spread of the virus.

Virtual Tour Options

To avoid compromising your health and safety as well as the sellers, many sellers are now offering virtual tour options. This will allow you to see the listed homes from 3-D virtual tours, and video walkthroughs at the comfort of your home.

Get As Much Information

Dig into the property disclosure statement, any flaws in the legal document might affect the value of the house.

Close Remotely

You can review and sign contracts online just ask your agent to use tools like DocuSign. An electronic signature is as valid as the documents signed in person (E-Sign Act of 2000).

Digital Mortgage

Even before the pandemic, getting a pre-approved mortgage has gotten faster and can be done online. The mortgage industry has transformed digitally over the past few years and the home buying experience became increasingly digital.

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