Health and safety guidelines are put in place across the country and social distancing is in full effect, it’s changing the way real state agents conduct business. Virtual showings are not new but it’s gaining a lot of traction now that we have a pandemic, and real estate agents have started to incorporate technology to show properties in the market.

Prepare The Property Before Showing

Make sure that all the lights are on, you plan the route to your house tour, and doors are open before the video starts to avoid fumbling with doorknobs. This is also to ensure that you create a seamless video of the properties for your virtual house showing.

Clean Your Home

Make sure to clean up your home before your virtual showing, having a clean house means less distraction, rooms seem bigger, increases the value, and to spur the buyers’ imagination.

Create Professional Context

On your video, start a short intro of you talking to the camera then show the neighborhood and the outside of the house then go inside and take on different angles in the living room, kitchen, and rooms. Highlight specific features that buyers may show interest in and describe everything that the camera sees.

Virtual Showing Is Compatible With All Devices

In this day and age, more people are using different devices and we are now living in a multi-screen world, so it is important that our virtual showing is compatible with different devices to make sure that every tour is a success for prospective buyers.

Prepare Your Answers From Prospective Buyers Questions

Virtual tours may lead to questions from prospective buyers the same as actual showings. Make sure that you work with your real estate agent so you don’t find it difficult to answer inquiries.

Highlight The Best Home Features

Marketing your home correctly on a virtual tour is important. Make sure to use the best home features like the outdoor spaces and the unique amenities. Highlight the benefits and make the potential buyers feel like the home is already theirs.

Create A Script

This is to ensure that you highlight the most important features of the house. Having a script will streamline the information that you share with any potential buyers and make sure that you project professionally.

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