Halloween festivities this year are different from what we normally do every year due to our current situation. We have to follow the safety measures being imposed by our government to prevent the spread of the virus. Rather than the usual door-to-door trick-or-treat or organizing a party for a group of kids in the neighborhood, we’d rather stay at home eat our Halloween foods, and celebrate with our family. Here is our list of recipes you can choose.

Black Magic Cake

A moist dark chocolate cake you can customize to create a spooky Halloween dessert like a spider web or a mummy made from melted marshmallows.

Chicken Pumpkins

For a fried chicken and cheese lover this one is for you! Made with chicken bites cut to look like pumpkins soaked in buttermilk, coat in cheese, breadcrumbs, and stuffed with mozzarella. This is the ultimate chicken and cheese experience.

Mummy Cupcakes

An ordinary cupcake turns into a cute and not so scary cupcake. Packed with blueberries and cream cheese these mummy cupcake is perfect for the Halloween party treat.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Not only that it is best for Halloween but it is also perfect for Thanksgiving. Made with fiesta ranch dip and cheddar cheese it’s perfect for both occasions.

Spider Cookies

There is nothing scary about these delicious treats. Super easy to put together on your tray of treats this Halloween.

Spider Web Pops

Fresh fruits? Yes, your favorite fruit in chocolate-dipped webbed treats.

Cake Eyeballs

A moist cake dipped in white chocolate with a gummy eyeball is perfect for your next Halloween party.

Bloody Pancakes

Blood? Nope. It’s a strawberry sauce on your pancake. It looks gruesome but it is delicious and is very easy to prepare.

Halloween Popcorn

Cover popcorn with white chocolate and add some sprinkles, sweets, and candy eyes. Perfect sweet and salty crunchy treat.

Spooky Pizzas

Arrange the toppings in creepy ways, add some spooky shapes, and some terrifying toppings. It’s a delicious and fun way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

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