Thanksgiving is about bringing family and friends together and share a festive meal. The center of the celebration is the meal that we serve during the holiday and this is your chance to showcase your hostessing skills and create a photogenic table display. Here are our tips for Thanksgiving table decorations.

Play With Color

Create a whole new set of colors aside from orange, yellow, and brown that we commonly see during Thanksgiving. Play with other color shades like green and turquoise it will create a new ambiance in your dining area.

Add Some Fresh Fruit

Add some fresh produce on your dining table like pumpkins and apples or fruits that you love all year round like grapes. Remember that fall is harvest season.

Set A Stunning Table Setting

No need to buy new for Thanksgiving you can add contrast from dark napkins on a white dishware and upgrade your left over pumpkin from halloween.

Pumpkin Vase

Gather some of your leftover pumpkin from Halloween and empty out the fresh pumpkin, then transform them into vases by adding a plastic container to hold water and place them on your dining table as a centerpiece.

Fall Bounty Table Setting

Add more vegetables like artichoke, lettuce, and eggplant to your table to achieve this table setting.

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting

Placing a fringed plaid blanket along the center of the table creates a cozy look together with large wood slices to hold the pumpkin as a table centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Kids’ Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be expensive just add some craft papers as a tablecloth, you can put their name cards using downloadable templates and straw toppers.

Natural Table Setting

Roll up your messy tablecloth and toss it out, add some hand-lettered place cards and some candles. A guaranteed minimal clean up when your guest leave.

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