It can be hard to keep everyone at home entertained when the weather is cold and it’s raining outside. Kids always play and are occupied with their toys at home but when boredom strikes, it’s good that you have ideas for everyone’s entertainment. We have prepared a budget-friendly, easy to do, and readily available around the house for your rainy day’s activities.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Prepare boxes, bags, or baskets for your kids to find and collect around the house. It will keep them busy and entertained while inside the house on a rainy day.

Playroom Clean Up

This is doing their chore while enjoying to find toys that they might already forget or seen in a while. It keeps everyone busy and kids would have fun with some long lost toys.

Board Games

This is a great way to spend time together a classic activity on rainy days. Whether you are a chess, scrabble game, or a monopoly fan.

Play Card Games

Teach your children to play the card games you used to play as a kid they would experience the fun that you have when you were young.

Cook And Bake

There are math and science involved in baking and cooking, and a sweet treat after you have finished. It’s also a great way to involved them early in the kitchen and to discover new flavors and foods.

Drawing And Coloring

Practice their drawing skills and take out crayons, pencils, pens, and coloring books. Bring out their creativity and set up a gallery inside the house and display their finished works.

Show Kids Old Photos And Albums

A great way to entertain them with the stories in the past behind those old photos.

Costume Play

Let them dress-up with their favorite superhero or any character they love if they have them. A sure way to add fun when they are playing.

Make Scrapbooks

Unleash their creativity with their DIY scrapbook, help them with supplies from old photos, papers, glue stickers, and whatever is available at home.

Camp Indoors

Choose a space inside the house and let your kids decorate, bring their toys, and even enjoy a meal with them in their camp.

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