Almost everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the Spring weather with family, it is one of the family’s favorite times of the year. You will experience longer days, the fresh smell of Spring rains, hear the birds singing, and of course, you’ll enjoy the weather. It’s perfect for family bonding and outdoor activities, a great season to create memories with your family. Below is our list of simple and budget-friendly Spring family activities.


Spring is the best time to enjoy eating and playing some outdoor games. Parents can enjoy the view of luscious greenery and blooming flowers or reading their favorite books while kids are busy with some outdoor games.

Nature Hiking

While the weather is warmer find a perfect spot in your local trails. Kids will not only enjoy nature but it’s a great way to stay active.


It is as simple as setting up a tent in your backyard or finding the best spot in your area. You can use supplies that you already have or buy at your local store but stay within your budget, memories are priceless.

Go Out And Enjoy The Rain

Get your kid’s outfits ready for some splashing and getting some mud while rain showers are falling. Once done go inside the house and dried off and enjoy your favorite hot chocolate drink on the couch.

Kite Flying

Kids will surely enjoy this activity, visit a local park free of obstacles for kite flying. You can find a sturdy kite that would last several seasons.

Family Bike Ride

Another exercise while enjoying nature, you can try yard sales if you are looking for an inexpensive bike. Kids will outgrow bikes so you can choose quality cheap bikes for them.


If you don’t have the fishing gear you can find some to rent for a good price. This activity is the perfect time for family bonding and some good conversation while practicing patience together.

Take A Short Road Trip

Go to the city or visit a local attraction, kids will surely enjoy this activity and the view while you are traveling. One of the best ways to relax and enjoy the weather.

Grow Your Favorite Plants In Your Garden

Spring is the perfect time to plant flowers or vegetables in your garden. Visit your local plant nursery and find out what grows best in your area. Enjoy free food from your vegetables and enjoy the beauty of your flowers.

Make Spring Crafts

There are so many things to get your kids active and doing some crafts is a sure way to enhance their creativity. You can teach them to create flowers out of paper, paint, or make some birdhouse.

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