Spring is fun when the weather is nice, you can go outside and take a walk, hike, bike, and even go on camping. Then it starts to rain and all your planned outdoor activities we’re canceled. It’s time to get creative and keep everyone busy and entertained. Read on our list and armed yourselves with our list of indoor activities on a rainy day this season.

Dance Party

Nothing is more fun when you are dancing with your kids, so turn your music on and dance with the beat.

Easter Egg Hunt

When it’s raining and you can’t go to a local event like this, you can do this inside your house. Just make sure you have enough eggs for every participant.

Grow An Indoor Plant

Choose fast-growing plants so the kids can see the results quickly. Being a part of the planting process, you are teaching them to be responsible while they are having fun.

Hide And Seek

You can do this either indoor or outdoor, a classic game and still a favorite of kids today.

Spring Clean Up

Springtime chores can be fun when you add an element of competition. Like, who can clean their room faster? And, who can keep their toys in their boxes?

Movie Marathon

Kids might think that a rainy day is no fun but it is the perfect time to watch your favorite movie when you basically doing nothing.

Read A Book

Some book stories are perfect for rainy days like the Split Splat by Amy Gibson, Raindrop Plop by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, and The Rainy Day by Anna Milbourne. You can check out these books and make a great rainy day reading.

Create A Spring Paper Art

It’s another perfect rainy day activity to make them busy and help them improve their artistic creativity.

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