For the whole family, Easter is the highlight every year and the main event is the annual Easter egg hunt. But there are a lot of activities for everyone to keep busy during the season. Keep the kids and adults entertained whether you’re doing an outdoor or indoor Easter celebration, and work off the extra energy after their yummy Easter treats. Here’s our list of Easter activities for the whole family.

Read Easter Children’s Book

If Easter falls on a rainy day one way to enjoy staying indoors without getting bored is to read books with kids. Ready and stock up on children’s book about Easter.

Plant Flowers

Spring is one of the best seasons to plant flowers and Easter symbolizes rebirth, and one way to celebrate it is to plant some of your favorite flowers.

Egg And Spoon Race

It dates back to the late 1800s, try this good old-fashioned outdoor game with only a metal or wood spoons for each participant and hard-boiled eggs. You can either race individually or relay-style.

Decorate A Tree With Easter Egg

It’s a perfect activity for the kids to keep them busy whether indoor or outdoor. Ask them to help you decorate a tree with plastic Easter eggs and any other Spring decorations.

Create An Easter Crafts

Let your kid’s imagination put into crafts and let them capture the spirit of the season for your Easter decorations. Make it a special moment for them to enjoy and improve their creativity.

Jelly Bean Guessing Games

It’s a very easy indoor game for kids and adults, all you need to do is to fill the jar with jelly beans and ask everyone to guess how many are there in the jar. Another one is to ask players to guess the flavor of the jelly beans they taste.

Go To Church

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter is to attend church services to commemorate the death and subsequent rising of Jesus.

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