Summer is not only perfect for outdoor activities and vacations, it is also the best time to sell your home. Potential buyers are waiting until summer to move with improved weather and the school year ends in the late Spring. Summer months can make your home more appealing too because you are now spending more time taking good care of your plants in the garden. It is also the perfect time if you are hoping to make a quick sale and want to get the best possible price.

Curb Appeal Is High

Curb appeal peaks in the summertime, your home is more appealing when the lawn is lush and full, flowers are blooming, and the trees are green.

Summer Long Weekends

Summer has the most long weekends, which means you have more time to focus on the details of selling your home. Long weekends mean you have more time to talk to your potential buyers, you can now list your home properly, and you can check on the best offers.

More Renovations Time

You have more long weekends to fix your home and improve it’s value. Whether your kitchen needs some upgrade, your roof needs some repairing, or your wall requires new paint.

More People Are Out

It will make your “For Sale” sign more visible as more people are out. The summer months have the most outdoor activities due to its long sunny days.

The Best Time To Move In

It is easier to pack up and move during summer because of less hassle, there is no snow to deal with and cold weather to slow you down.

Better Sale Price

During summer people have more time off, you will have more showings and better offers to choose from. Potential buyers also want to get settled before the school year starts again and may offer a better sale price.

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