Home is probably the most expensive item that you will sell. So when you are going to sell your home you want everything right. Selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult there are plenty of steps to make it more appealing and easy to sell. It is very easy to make a mistake if you are a first-time home seller. That is why we have listed all the common mistakes you may not be aware of for a smooth transaction whenever you are going to sell your home. Here’s the list.

Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents usually charges you 5% or 6% of the selling price of your home but it is not a great idea to sell it on your own. A good agent can sell your home quickly with a competitive selling price and will help you get more money than you could.

Not Having Good Photos

Good photos can showcase your home’s best assets. You can hire a real estate photographer to get the best results instead of just taking snapshots from a smartphone. You can also add a video tour to entice more potential buyers.

Not Setting The Price Right

Setting the right price is the key whether you sell it on your own or with an agent. There is a comparative market analysis if you want to offer a fair price. Take note that overpricing is the number one mistake the sellers make.

Not Expecting A Negotiations

A smart buyer will negotiate and that is when you have to leave room for negotiations. It will make the buyer feel that they are getting good value while you get the amount of money that you needed for the sale.

Not Having A Proper Insurance

You have to make sure that there are no hazards at the property. You have to make sure that you are insured in case there might be an accident from any viewer and sue you for damages.

Hiding Major Problems

You either fix the problem in advance, lower your price, or offer the buyer to fix it. Have your home inspected before listing to deal with known problems and to avoid costly surprises.

Not Preparing Home For The Sale

If you fail to prepare your home then it may prevent you from selling it or it will reduce the selling price. Have a friend or a professional check on some areas that needs repair or improvement.

Getting Emotional

We all know that we have created many memories in our home and most of us have trouble keeping our emotions in check when it’s time to say goodbye. So when you decide to sell your home think of it as a business transaction and you are the sales agent.

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