You may choose a professional service to handle the little things in your house that can make a big difference this Fall and the coming Winter. If you handle them you save your money as most of the tasks can be done by an ordinary person. You have to prepare your home to withstand the cold of the winter and Fall is the perfect season to check on seasonal maintenance. You may follow our checklist to make your home prepared and well maintained this coming Fall.

Roof Inspection

Prevent any damages from water and ice this fall by inspecting your roof from top to bottom. Check for any wind damages and cracks, you may check also the gutters for any sign that your roof is losing its coating.

Inspect Your Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are important to make your home temperature comfortable. Clogged filters may increase your utility bills and the air you breathe may be contaminated.

Inspect Your Fireplace

Check your fireplace annually for any damages or hazards. Have your entire chimney system checked as well for any creosote buildup. Hire an experienced chimney sweep to clean all the deposits.

Inspect The Gutters

You need to check on your gutters to make sure that the waters are smoothly flowing. Clogged gutters may damage the exterior of your home it may lead to rust and corrosion. Check the mesh cover for debris and install one if your home doesn’t have it.

Check For Gaps And Air Leaks

You may check for any leaks or gaps at home by closing all doors and windows and light a candle, when the flame flickers at any spot of the frame you have an air leak. Check also the weather stripping of your home because it deteriorates over time. This will also reduce your heating bills.

Have Your Heating Furnace Checked By A Professional

Consider it checked early this Fall before using it next season. Make sure that it is in the best performance before the heating season begins.

Freezeproof Outside Faucets

Make sure that outside faucets don’t freeze during winter months, you may buy styrofoam faucet covers at home centers. You may also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for protecting your faucets from freezing damage.

Have Your Home Humidifier Checked

Make sure that it is in tip-top shape to make your home more comfortable during the winter season. Make sure that it is ready, clean, and in good running condition when you use it.

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