It is the time when we say goodbye to outdoor activities like going to the beach, swimming at the pool, and some outdoor barbecues. This is the season when we welcome cooler weather, the changing of color of the leaves, pumpkin patches, and we start wearing sweaters and scarves. Fall may be a busy season for parents especially when kids are back to school but don’t get overwhelmed and don’t forget to have fun. Here is our list of Fall activities to enjoy with family.

Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch with your family this Fall is like going to a park during Summer. This is the time when the kids enjoy picking some pumpkin and decorating it for Halloween.

Apple Picking

This activity is for kids and adults, there is so much fun spending time on an apple farm enjoying nature while picking apples off the trees. This is the perfect time for both parents and kids to relax and enjoy while on the farm.

Bake Some Pies

This is the perfect time to enjoy warm and delicious foods like pies, there are a variety of delicious vegetables and fruits that you can bake this season.

Making Soup

One of the best things to do this Fall is to enjoy making your favorite soup, the weather is cold and the soup is there to warm your body.


Camping is also a perfect getaway this season, you may also enjoy the same camping experience during summer, enjoy roasting marshmallows while everyone gathers around the fire, and while watching the stars.


There is beauty when you walk through the woods as the leaves change colors. The cool weather is perfect for hiking and it is a fun way to get fit and busy.

Collect Pine Cones

Another outdoor activity to enjoy with family is collecting pine cones. There are a lot of fun things you can do to pine cones such as colorful arts and home decorations.

Make Some Autumn Crafts

Fall can be associated with yellow, orange, and red, you may gather everyone and create some DIY arts and crafts to make the season felt at home.

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