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Concours in the Hills -Greatest Car Show

Get Ready for the Greatest Car Show on Grass at Concours in the Hills.

Car show

Every year, Concours in the Hills gets bigger. Today, Fountain Hills’ whole lakeside park is filled by the event. This event is known as “The Greatest Car Show on Grass” because of the breathtaking setting. On February 4, 2023, Concours in the Hills will return for its ninth year. We hope you will join us for a day of great cars, food, and music in the spectacular setting of Fountain Park. 

Phoenix Children’s Hope Fund

Attendance is free, but donations are welcome. All proceeds go to Phoenix Children’s Hope Fund, a critical source of funding for the hospital’s areas of greatest need. For the February 2022 event, Concours in the Hills raised over $430,000 for Phoenix Children’s. These funds finance innovative research, cutting-edge technology, recruitment of leading physicians, and child-friendly programs that make the hospital environment more comfortable for young patients.  

 The Park will be split into sections based on the continent of origin, make, and model. Some of the cars are predicted to be worth upwards of $10 Million.

There are always a few twists at each Concours event. Famous race drivers, surprise displays of brand-new Ford GTs, and military helicopters are just the icing on the cake at Fountain Park in the past few years.

Why enthusiasts and amateurs alike love Concours in the Hills

  • The spectacular lake view and rolling hills setting 
  • An enormous variety of vehicles on display 
  • Contemporary and classic race cars 
  • Exotic foreign and domestic high-performance cars 
  • Muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods, off-road and military vehicles 
  • Military and civilian helicopters 
  • Motorcycles
  • Over 100 dealer and aftermarket tents 
  • Lots of tasty food and refreshment trucks 

Concours in the Hills makes a point of noting that it’s not a formal, “white gloves” Concours. Everyone is invited to visit and peruse the extensive variety. Food vendors of all varieties scattered throughout Fountain Park will ensure that no one is admiring cars while starving.

For more information about how you can get rolling to the 2023 Concours in the Hills, go to

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Fountain Hills Coalition Essay Contest

Students at Fountain Hills High School are given one elective assignment this month, an essay contest. This is not your normal assignment, but it will net someone a $1,000 check.

The Fountain Hills Drug Prevention Coalition has scheduled its 11th annual essay competition, which will conclude on Thursday, March 9, 2023 with an awards luncheon.

Essay contest writing

Entry forms and contest rules are available in all FHHS English classrooms, the front office, and the Fountain Hills Library.

The essay contest officially kicks off Monday, Jan. 2, with a deadline of Friday, Feb. 3.

Prizes for this year’s essay contest include $1,000 for first place, $300 for second place and $100 for third.

Fourteen other students will win $50 as honorable mentions.

Interested students are encouraged to write an essay of 750 words or less on one of the following.

Essay Prompts:

1. Think about your generation and the future. What concerns you most about your generation, and what do you believe can be done about those concerns? Or conversely, what stands out positively about your generation? Are you excited or nervous about the future? You can only choose one side to write about.

2. When you think about social media, and its impact on your generation, what do you think your generation may be in the process of losing? Or what is it gaining? Pick a position and discuss if the benefits outweigh the costs or vice versa.

3. Identify a fictional character from a book, movie, anime or online show/series with whom you can connect and write about that connection and how that character has affected your life or the way you think.

2022 Fountain Hills Drug Prevention Coalition essay contest winners

Contest and award funding was donated by the title sponsor, Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation, along with business sponsors Sami Fine Jewelry, Sonoran Lifestyle Team at RE/MAX Sun Properties, Dan Kuchan CPA, Martinson Team at Homeowners Financial Group USA, Fountain Hills Law Firm (Tait Elkie) and Stop & Go Driver Training.

For more information on the coalition, visit

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Tips to Get Organized In the New Year

Organize in Small Doses

Don’t try to reorganize your entire home in one day. We suggest picking one section of the house and focusing on that. Taking a break from decluttering will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Toss What You Don’t Use

When it comes to clothes in your closet, “if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss (or donate) it.” Similarly, you could apply this rule to other clutter on your counters or in your cabinets. All those nail polish bottles that you haven’t opened in a couple of years? Bye.

Use square or rectangular products over round product

To maximize storage space, choose square or rectangular organizing products instead of round ones. When you place round organizers next to each other, you lose the space where the organizer curve. This adds up, so get the most out of your space by sticking with square or rectangular bins, baskets, and containers.

Have a donation bag ready 

Keep a ready-to-fill donation box or bag handy in a closet or garage. When you try on clothes that no longer fit or flatter or items begin to fill up your cabinets, drop them in the donation bag. Don’t put them back in the closet or cabinet to sit there longer. Do a little purging as you come across things, have a designated place to put the unwanted items, take the bag or box to donation when it is full, and repeat all year long. Local charities will pick- up donations from your home. Sun Shine Children’s Home accepts home goods and clothing and can be easily scheduled online.

Sort ahead of time when moving

Boxes organizing

If you’re planning to move and feel you have too much stuff, then you can start sorting your belongings now to save time and money. Although you’ll spend some time upfront sorting out the excess (tools, clothing, kitchenware, linens, knick-knacks). You’ll not only save money on moving supplies and relocation costs, but you’ll save even more time with less packing and unpacking. Start with the kitchen and open cabinets and drawers to pull out utensils, pots, pans, mixing bowls, and small appliances that haven’t been used, and set the items aside for a donation – especially large or heavy items. Remember to start small and focus on one room or a drawer at a time and you’ll be organized in no time this New Year!

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Fireworks Rescheduled to July 1st

The “Fourth at the Fountain” is going to be the “First at the Fountain” this year!

According to Experience Fountain Hills, “Due to fireworks and pyro tech shortage, the Town was able to secure fireworks and staff for July 1st instead of July 4th. This is the SAME amazing event, just a new date for 2022.” They plan to return the event to July 4th in 2023, so this year will be a special exception. Luckily, this places the festivities on a Friday night, perfect for having an exciting night of fireworks, food, and fun!

The First at the Fountain will feature live music by Rock Lobster from 7:30 PM until 9:00 pm, which is when the famous Fountainside firework show begins. Meanwhile, the fountain will be lit red, white, and blue while food trucks give out concessions and the restaurants at the park stay open for everybody to enjoy.

As usual, this is a free, family-friendly event for the whole community! People often come from around the valley for the show and the unique Fountain Hills atmosphere.

For more information about this year’s festivities, click here.

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The FH Home-Delivered Meals Program

Teenage girl is delivering some groceries to an elderly person.

            Over the years, the demand for a meal delivery program in Fountain Hills has increased greatly. Luckily, an amazing volunteer-run service exists to satisfy this demand. Since 2001, Fountain Hills has had its very own Home-Delivered Meal Program (HDM) for senior citizens. This nonprofit service has changed the lives of thousands of Fountain Hills residents over the past two decades and continues to expand today.

Takeaway lunch boxes with homemade nutrition food – meat, vegetables and fruits. Panorama, banner

Meals are prepared freshly every day by the staff of Fountain View Village, seven days a week, every day of the year, including holidays. Every meal is delivered between 10:45 AM and 1:00 PM by local volunteers on regular delivery routes.

A meal costs $6.50, just enough to cover what Fountain View Village charges the Town. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, HDM delivered 4,402 meals, and they are currently predicting over 4,500 meals delivered in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The program was particularly beneficial during the height of the pandemic, delivering over 5,000 meals in 2020.

Each meal comes in a 3-compartment aluminum container that contains a hot entrée, with a cold sack containing a salad, fruit, and dessert. Meals are kept in insulated bags during delivery to ensure a safe temperature is maintained. The meals vary daily, and the program can accommodate for dietary restrictions upon request.

To qualify for this program, a potential client needs to

  • be 80 years old or older,
  • be a caregiver for a physically or mentally impaired person,
  • be in recovery from a hospital stay and unable to prepare their own meals while recovering,
  • or have a physical condition that limits them from preparing their own meals.

Special thanks to Encore for More and, not only for founding the program before it came under the Town, but also for paying for volunteer background checks and helping to keep the meals affordable with donations and other forms of support.

If you or a loved one is interested in signing up or donating to the Fountain Hills Home-Delivered Meals Program, head to

Donations to the program are greatly appreciated, as they help subsidize and maintain the cost of the meals for residents in need of assistance. They are also currently looking for new volunteers, so contact Jennifer Lyons or Nita Blose at the link above if you are interested.

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FH Summer Recreation Begins in June!

The FH Recreation program for the spring concludes with the Movie in the Park on Saturday, May 7th. After this, it’s on to a summer of fun!

Fountain Hills Community Services is hosting several events over the summer for our local kids, most of which involve water.

On Tuesday evenings throughout June and July, the “Splash Pad Summer Series” will take place, featuring activities at the Fountain park’s newly-revamped Splash Pad! Yard games, cornhole, and more will be provided near the Splash Pad. Grab a to-go order from the nearby restaurants, pack a picnic dinner or enjoy a meal from a food truck.

Every other Wednesday in June and July, head over to Four Peaks Park for water slides and other games set up on the park’s north field. Kids can cool off and enjoy slip and slides, water games, and cool off from the Fountain Hills Fire Department as they spray the water from their truck.  Make sure to wear your swimsuits and be ready to have a good time.

Every Thursday evening through June and July, the Community Center will be the location of the “Summer Games,” a series of fun game nights for the whole family. Connect with the community through games and activities. This FREE open house format allows all ages to enjoy board games, ping pong, cornhole, video games, and more. Snacks and beverages are provided.

Additional events include a casual Picnic in the park at Four Peaks on June 17th and a Family Fun Night on July 21st at the Community Center. The full event schedule for the summer is posted below.

For more information on signups and activities happening with the town this summer, click here.

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Return To Recess Finale Pizza Party!

Yesterday afternoon, Fountain Hills Community Services held the spring 2022 finale for the award-winning youth sports program “Return to Recess!”

The final meeting for the spring was themed after “Bike Safety.” Steph took the kids on a bike tour around Four Peaks Park. Between rides, representatives from McDowell Mountain Cycles taught bike safety practices such as wearing protective gear and using hand signals when making turns, etc. Bikes were provided by Bob’s Free Bikes. The Sonoran Lifestyle Team at RE/MAX Sun Properties, who sponsored the event, provided pizzas for the young athletes.

Watch the video above to see some highlights, and be sure to subscribe to the REMAX Sun Properties YouTube Channel!

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Meteors and Art Auctions at the Dark Sky Fest

This Saturday night, it’s time to look to the stars at the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Festival! As the main festivities of Fountain Hills Day end, Centennial Circle at the Fountain Hills Community Center will fill up with visitors for a celebration dedicated to showing our appreciation for the night sky in our Dark Sky Community!

Not only is admission free, but there will be food, wine, guest speakers, an art contest, an art auction, and guided laser tours of the skies. This year’s Dark Sky Festival also features a meteorite collection and a promotion for the Proposed “International Dark Sky Discovery Center.”

Special guests will include the Executive Director of Lowell Observatory, Jeffrey Hall, and Robert Alling from ASU’s School of Earth and Space. Enjoy the telescopes, activities, and other exhibits all around the Centennial Circle.

For more information, go to March 26th will be a big day in Fountain Hills; be sure to mark your calendars!

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Fountain Hills Day is 3/26!

This year, Fountain Hills Day is coming to the Avenue of the Fountains!

The past few years have seen Fountain Hills Day make many changes, and this year it will include not only local businesses, but also local clubs, organizations, hobbies, food, and much more.

This will be a family-friendly and FUN event that will feature a business expo, local food tastings, music, and activities for kids. There will be something for everyone.

Across the Avenue of the Fountain will be booths for businesses and other members of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, where they can show the public what makes their businesses unique, host giveaways, etc.

In addition to the business expo, Fountain Hills Day will feature fun children’s activities with some of Fountain Hills’ favorite organizations. There will be carnival games, a Ferris Wheel, a petting zoo, and much more!

RE/MAX Sun Properties is already headquartered on the Avenue of the Fountains, so, in addition to tents in front of our two Avenue offices, our doors will be open to clients and guests who want to catch up with their favorite agents!

Click here to learn more about Fountain Hills Day. Also, you can click here to see an interactive map of the Avenue!

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FH Women’s Club Scholarship Fundraiser

March is Women’s History Month, and in celebration, the Fountain Hills Women’s Club is hosting a scholarship fundraiser event on March 20th!

This year, the FH Women’s Club is teaming up with Classy Jazzy to put on “A French Country Affair Luncheon and Fashion Show.” The fashion at this fashion show event will be provided by Classy Jazzy and will be hosted at Adero Scottsdale (formerly Copperwynd Resort) on 13225 N. Eagle Ridge Drive.

The Women’s Club has provided scholarships to young women graduating from Fountain Hills High School for years now, and these scholarships are funded by donations at events like this.

The French Country Affair Luncheon and Fashion Show will begin at 12PM on March 20th at Adero Scottsdale. The minimum donation required to attend is $65. For tickets and other information, call 602-361-5562 or email

You can also visit to learn more about the organization and other ways you can help out.