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Eugene housing market through December 2019

Status: Strong Sellers’ market  

Eugene housing continued to show strength in November, see below. Note the rapid decrease in available inventory vs. November of 2018, combined with growth in pending and sold property counts. This will further increase pressure on prices. 

eugene housing update december 2019

Pricing gap has also improved over 2018, with most homes selling for 96% of list in November 2019, up from 95% of list in 2018. Also, note the lower days on market for November 2019. (SP/Orig LP% = Sale price divided by Original list price)

pricing november 2019

Note the upward trend in sp/orig lp, and how in 2018 it began to rise in February. We are seeing this across the board – people listing their homes earlier in the year, with many closings occurring by March and momentum increasing from there. Now is a great time to get your home pre-inspected, staging lined up, walls painted, and touch-ups complete in order to sell for maximum value in 2020. 

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